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We’re a small and tight-knit team with backgrounds in marketing, creative writing, and videography, so we offer a diverse creative package that’s sure to help your campaigns soar. Unlike a typical full-service agency, we specialize in creative campaigns, powered by content, and hinged upon storytelling.

From startups, small, and medium businesses, we’re about making you stand out so much that you don’t have any competition to worry about. 

Meet Our Guides

Mel Beasley

Content + Strategy Guide

With an education in creative writing, Mel specializes in content-driven marketing campaigns. He uses the elements of classic storytelling structure to develop brand messaging, and incorporates affiliate relationships to build brand awareness and SEO. He’s written for Lumina News, encore magazine, and has had his films appear in Cape Fear Independent Film Festival and the Clifton Film Festival where he won Best Editing. He’s worked with such major eCommerce brands as Audioengine and collaborated with Wide Open Tech.

Melissa Davis

Branding + Ads Guide

Her extensive experience in digital marketing since 2005 has driven Melissa’s passion for helping brands increase revenue. Melissa focuses on developing clear and concise brand messaging and visuals that people remember. She’s a bit of a research nerd who loves the analytics side of things, and she incorporates her love for research into developing killer social media ads that drive up sales and conversions. She’s worked with brands such as Audioengine, Bookroo, After the Affair (her own company), and Affordable Diabetic.

Mike Doute

Analytics + SEO Guide

With countless Google certifications and SEO creds under his belt, Mike specializes in getting your brand in front of the right audience.  He loves to analyze the data that truly matters, and uses that information to render solid marketing strategies that get the real results that matter most. He graduated from Eastern Michigan University and has worked with numerous clients under such agencies as Sage Island and InterCoastal Net Designs. Most recently, Mike’s been working toward certifications in data science.   

Rachelle Scott

Writing Intern

As an MFA candidate at Emerson College in popular fiction and publishing, Rachelle has a strong passion for storytelling through creative writing. She has a BFA in creative writing from UNCW, and teaches adult learning courses in English and history at Coastal Carolina Community College. She has certifications in social media marketing, blogging, and SEO content strategy, which she uses to help our clients expand their presence online. Among writing, Rachelle also helps manage social media content and engagement. 

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