Case Study

Audioengine’s Story

Audioengine is an independent speaker company based in Austin, TX. In 2005 Audioengine was founded with a simple goal: Build products that sound great, are easy to use, and make people want to listen to music every day. After experiencing a plateau in sales and business growth, the company needed new ideas that sparked intrigue. They wanted to branch out to a new audience and extend brand awareness and overall web presence. 


Compay: Audioengine USA
Date: 02/2019 – 12/2019 (single project)

Branding, SEO, social media, web ads, affiliate marketing, content creation, video production.

The Results

Here are some of the awesome wins we’ve helped Audioengine achieve.


Website Traffic Increase


New product sales


Instagram Growth


Increased Engagement

From steady to booming…

Audioengine needed to break free of their steady flatline by doing something new and creative. They needed new ways to collect leads, drive people to their website, and collect more sales without blowing their marketing budget. 

We realized that they needed to find new ways to connect with potential and current customers, and they needed to use the power of content. As a brand focused on the music experience, we knew that their marketing strategy needed to be fun and unique.

Fan-fueled accelerated growth.

We focused on the power of their current loyal fans more than anything by creating content that we knew their customers would share. We used customer-generated product photos that kept social media followers engaging. We narrowed their hashtag choices to help increase visibility, which boosted their following by 24.77 percent in only 3 months.

We created blogs and a promo video that focused on the customer experience. We conducted market research and built audiences that helped us retarget website visitors with email triggers. We used quizzes and giveaways to gain new email leads.

We helped set up an affiliate marketing program that boosted sales by approximately $50k per month within the first 4 months, simply by using the power of their current loyal fans.

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